Born in Alzira (Valen­cia) I stud­ied Eng­lish and Span­ish Philo­logy at the Uni­ver­sity of Valen­cia. Worked on an MA on gay theatre which sparked an interest on gay his­tory and queer aes­thet­ics and was fol­lowed up by a PhD dis­ser­ta­tion on the queer aspects of the the­at­ric­al voices of Ten­ness­ee Wil­li­ams and Joe Orton.

Spent two years as lan­guage assist­ant at Oxford Uni­ver­sity (Taylor Insti­tu­tion, 1989 – 1991) and a year as lec­turer at Uni­versit­at Jaume I (1991 – 1992) in Cas­telló (Spain).  In 1993 I returned to the United King­dom where I have held a num­ber of posts: between 1992 and 1995, I lec­tured in Span­ish film, lan­guage and lit­er­at­ure at Oxford Uni­ver­sity, in 1995 my first full time lec­tur­ing pos­i­tion at Middle­sex Uni­ver­sity, where I taught sev­er­al courses on lan­guage, lit­er­at­ure and trans­la­tion. In 1997 I became Queen Sofia Research Fel­low at Exeter Col­lege, Oxford. In Octo­ber 1999 I star­ted my cur­rent job as a Read­er at Oxford Brookes Uni­ver­sity.

I star­ted at the Span­ish depart­ment, and then was trans­ferred to Film Stud­ies in 2005. I was awar­ded sab­bat­ic­al leave with the sup­port of AHRC grants in 2002 and 2006, which allowed me two write my main mono­graphs on gay cul­tures in Spain and on queer cinema. Since 2003 I pub­lished fic­tion, trans­la­tion, aca­dem­ic and ref­er­ence volumes, as well as art­icles on authors such as Ter­enci Moix, Pedro Alm­od­óvar, Eduardo Men­di­c­utti, Iván Zulueta, Mario Cas­as, Eduardo Blanco Amor, Manuel Puig, Fed­erico Gar­cía Lorca and oth­er authors. Cur­rently I am a mem­ber of the HERA fun­ded pro­ject Cru­sev (“Cruis­ing the Sev­en­ties”) and am pre­par­ing pro­jects on pop music­als, and queer boy­hoods.

1999 to present:

Read­er in Span­ish and Film, Oxford Brookes Uni­ver­sity

Sub­ject Coordin­at­or for Film 2013 – 2016 and mem­ber of School Man­age­ment Team

Pro­gramme Lead­er for Film 2012 – 2013 and mem­ber of School Man­age­ment Team

Head of Film 2007 – 2008 and mem­ber of School Man­age­ment Group

Research Coordin­at­or for Span­ish 1999 – 2002 and mem­ber of School Man­age­ment Team

1997 – 1999: Queen Sofía Research Fel­low­ship in Span­ish Stud­ies, Exeter Col­lege, Oxford

1995 – 1997: Lecturer/ Seni­or Lec­turer in Span­ish, Middle­sex Uni­ver­sity, Lon­don

1993 – 1995: Lecturer/ Lect­or, Medi­ev­al and Mod­ern Lan­guages (Span­ish), Uni­ver­sity of Oxford

1992 – 1993: Lec­turer, Uni­versit­at Jaume I, Cas­telló, Spain

1990 – 1992: Span­ish Col­lege Lect­or (St Catherine´s), Uni­ver­sity of Oxford

Grants and Extern­ally fun­ded research pro­jects:

2016: Mem­ber of the HERA fun­ded “Cruis­ing the 1970s-CRUSEV”-CRP no. 5087 – 00242A - HERA / ESF. Research­ers from Ger­many, Spain and the UK col­lab­or­ate on this pro­ject on homo­sexu­al cul­tures in Europe after Stone­wall.

 2014 – 2016: Mem­ber of research net­works in Spain, devel­op­ing pro­jects on “e-Skills and Edu­ca­tion in Digit­al Com­mu­nic­a­tion for Jobs” (CSO2013-40702-P, Min­is­terio de Eco­nomía) and “Space, bod­ies and mater­i­al cultures”(Code: FFI2011-24211)

2015: Span­ish Edu­ca­tion Min­istry-fun­ded research net­work: «Diver­sid­ad de género, mas­culin­id­ad y cul­tura en España, Argen­tina y México» (FEM2015-69863-P) del Min­is­terio de Eco­nomía y Com­pet­it­ivid­ad (Gobi­erno de España)

2007: AHRC Award for com­ple­tion on pro­ject on homo­sexu­al spec­tat­or­ship in Spain.

2002: AHRB Award (four months matched by my insti­tu­tion) for com­ple­tion of pro­ject on Cul­tur­al his­tory of Homo­sexu­al­ity in Spain. Com­pleted fol­low­ing sched­ule. Mono­graph pub­lished May 2004.

1990: MA dis­ser­ta­tion fun­ded by a Research Grant from the Span­ish Gov­ern­ment.


1994: Obtained Ph.D. in Eng­lish and Amer­ic­an Drama, Uni­ver­sity of Valen­cia (Spain). Ph D.Thesis on homo­sexu­al enun­ci­ation in the dra­mat­ic text (Ori­gin­al Title: Secreto a voces: texto dramático y enunciación homo­sexu­al., sub­mit­ted on May 23, 1994, awar­ded with a Dis­tinc­tion mark; this was later pub­lished by the Uni­ver­sity of Valen­cia Press).

1992: M.A. in Eng­lish Stud­ies, Uni­ver­sity of Valen­cia. M.A. Thes­is on the con­struc­tion of gay iden­tity in Post-Stone­wall Eng­lish and Amer­ic­an Drama.

1991: Grau Mitjá in Catalan

1991: ANECA (Span­ish Qual­i­fic­a­tion for Uni­ver­sity Teach­ing)

1990: Span­ish research grant on lan­guage stud­ies awar­ded by the Span­ish Min­istry of Edu­ca­tion. Developed a pro­ject on the rep­res­ent­a­tions of Death in Jac­o­bean Drama, sub­mit­ted as an exten­ded essay for B.A degree.

1989: Degree in Mod­ern Lan­guages, Uni­ver­sity of Valen­cia, Spain. Over­all mark: Sobresa­li­ente (First Class degree).


Research Areas: Span­ish Film, Spec­tat­or­ship, European Film Styles, Gender in Film and Lit­er­at­ure, Span­ish Theatre, Gender in Span­ish cul­tures, Trans­la­tion.


 Research in past two years lead­ing up to a volume on queer child­hoods in His­pan­ic auto­bi­o­graph­ic­al fic­tion. First draft to be com­pleted by the end of 2017 and applic­a­tion for AHRC fund­ing to final­ise it is in pro­gress. Mono­graphs, includ­ing His­tor­ic­al Dic­tion­ary of Span­ish Cinema, an essay on Span­ish Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury Theatre (De silen­cios y espe­jos), a wide ran­ging his­tory of mani­fest­a­tions of homo­sexu­al­ity in Span­ish cul­ture, De Sod­oma a Chueca: Una his­tor­ia cul­tur­al de la homo­sexu­al­id­ad en España, 1915 – 1990) (AHRB fun­ded), a volume on gay spec­tat­or­ship, Mira­das insum­isas (AHRB fun­ded) and an edited volume on Iberi­an Cinemas, 24 Frames: Spain and Por­tugal.

Sev­er­al art­icles on Alm­od­óvar pub­lished as chapters and in ref­er­eed journ­als, oth­er art­icles on Lorca on film, Zulueta, Eduardo Men­di­c­utti, Ter­enci Moix, Agustín Gómez Arcos, Eduardo Blanco Amor, Ven­tura Pons, and La movida. Also edited an issue of Span­ish film journ­al Archivos de la Filmoteca. Pro­pos­al of BFI essay on Pedro Almodóvar’s Bad Edu­ca­tion. Cur­rently work­ing on Span­ish film and TV stars. Just pub­lished: an essay on Mario Cas­as in a volume on Span­ish film per­form­ance. Pro­ject: a volume on Span­ish star Sara Mon­tiel.

Two edi­tions, includ­ing trans­la­tion and crit­ic­al appar­at­us, for Span­ish aca­dem­ic pub­lish­ers Cátedra, of works by Edward Albee and Oscar Wilde. Cur­rently work­ing on trans­la­tion and crit­ic­al edi­tion of Webster’s The Duch­ess of Malfi.

I have also com­piled a dic­tion­ary of homo­sexu­al cul­ture that com­bined research on homo­sexu­al cul­tures and divul­ga­tion, and have been edit­or for the Span­ish sec­tion for a sim­il­ar pro­ject pub­lished in 2001 by Rout­ledge (Who’s Who in Les­bi­an and Gay His­tory).

A num­ber of art­icles on homo­sexu­al­ity in Span­ish cul­ture, Span­ish cinema and theatre (Lorca, Cifesa epics) and the­ory and prac­tice of trans­la­tion, pub­lished in Span­ish and Brit­ish aca­dem­ic journ­als (includ­ing Bul­let­in of His­pan­ic Stud­ies, Journ­al of Span­ish Cul­tur­al Stud­ies, Archipiélago, Archivos de la Filmoteca and Tesser­ae), as well as in edited volumes (includ­ing Span­ish Pop­u­lar Cinema, MUP; Con­straints and Cre­ativ­ity, St Jerome´s Press; Con­tem­por­ary Span­ish Cul­tur­al Stud­ies, Arnold; and Spaces in European Cinema, Intel­lect; The Trans­lat­or as Writer). Cur­rently work­ing on auto­bi­o­graphy and cinephil­ia in the work of Ter­enci Moix and Eduardo Men­di­c­utti.

Author of two nov­els: Lon­dres para corazones des­pista­dos, pub­lished in 2005. Como la tenta­ción, awar­ded III Ter­enci Moix prize for fic­tion. Pub­lished 2007

Oth­er research-related activ­it­ies:

Papers and sem­inars on top­ics with­in my research areas in a wide range of fora, includ­ing inter­na­tion­al con­fer­ences in New York, Mex­ico City, Lyon, Sala­manca and Cuenca and sem­inars in Bryn Mawr, Mad­rid, Bar­celona and Murcia

Mem­ber of two inter­na­tion­al research net­works cur­rently apply­ing for extern­al fund­ing to devel­op pub­lic­a­tion and research exchanges.

Read­er for sev­er­al Span­ish pub­lish­ers. A num­ber of talks and book launches. Con­tri­bu­tions to Media: Short edit­or­i­al con­tri­bu­tions pub­lished in Diario 16, Lambda and Zero

Vari­ous pan­els and advisor­ships on issues of homo­sexu­al­ity in Spain. Con­tri­bu­tion to the aca­dem­ic con­fer­ence pro­gramme at the Mad­rid Gay and Les­bi­an Film Fest­iv­al

Mem­ber of edit­or­i­al boards for Aca­dem­ic Journ­als: Reverso and New Cinemas

PhD Super­vi­sion: Oxford Brookes Uni­ver­sity, Middle­sex Uni­ver­sity. Mark De Valk: “The Cinema as Scaf­fold: Re-inscrib­ing the Tor­tured body” (2011). Alireza Vah­dani: West­erns (com­ple­tion expec­ted 2017).

PhD Exam­iner: Eight PhD pan­els as extern­al exam­iner, one at OBU as intern­al exam­iner

Extern­al Exam­iner: Uni­ver­sity of Sur­rey Roe­hamp­ton, Uni­ver­sity of Salford, Uni­ver­sity of Brad­ford

Review­er for Bul­let­in of His­pan­ic Stud­ies, Tesser­ae, Journ­al of Span­ish Cul­tur­al Stud­ies, Archivos de la Filmoteca

Con­fer­ence Organ­izer: for Review­ing the Pop­u­lar, Oxford Brookes Uni­ver­sity, November,2001 and His­tor­ia cul­tur­al de la homo­sexu­al­id­ad en España, Uni­ver­sid­ad Autónoma de Mad­rid, Cursos del Escori­al, Sum­mer 2005

Par­ti­cip­a­tion in Exchange Pro­gramme with State Uni­ver­sity of New York. Sept 2007 and Uni­ver­sid­ad de Murcia, Spain, May 2012